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3 definitions by Johnnymad

esctacy mixed with a sedative (most likely ketamine), which requires cocaine to counteract the the K.
Candy lines are common in colorado, denver, boulder, and the midwest.
by Johnnymad October 08, 2007
A single of line of 3 distinctly separated substances.

In the following order from left to right:

1) 15mg percoset (green)
2) cocaine (white)
3) 5mg valium (orange)

The Irish flag is a tribute to all counties.
by Johnnymad October 08, 2007
a line of cocaine and the football shaped Xanax. All the fun, none of the fear.
Candy canes are used by those who have a sense of balance. (you know what that means)
by Johnnymad October 08, 2007