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When a woman (or man) snorts a line of cocaine off an erect penis.
While at the club, the strippers were candy caning all night long!
by jack-spratt October 08, 2009
Candy caning is when a girl is on her menstrual cycle, and she has sexual intercourse with a male. Afterwards she performs fellacio and sucks the blood off the penis. Then Switches back to having sex and the back to oral and repeat.
Jen comes home after a late night at the Bar to find Geb looking all hot and stuff!!! She could not resist despite being on her period. She had to have him so she starting Candy Caning.
by Snow Flake August 02, 2013
the act in which you break your penis to make a candy cane shape for sexual desires. This can be done multiple ways, By your significant other, with your own hands or by your dog.
1.Last night me and my babe had so much fun, we even started candy caning.
2. i was so horny last night i started to candy cane my self.
3.Today i will try and candy cane with my dog!
by Pauley(notpauley) June 10, 2016
the act of driving around during the Christmas season and stealing plastic candy canes from peoples' yards
"Dude I'm so tired. I was out all last night candy caning with friends. My trunk is full."
by chottpocket December 19, 2011
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