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When a womens clothes are to tight and you can acutally see the pussy crater.
Damn!!! I can see your camel toe
by The clit commander April 10, 2003
when girl's wearin pants hella tight that they get a wedgie in their koochie
Her pants were so tight she was sportin' that camel toe
by LADY B January 09, 2005
Something that no man wants to see.
"Oh My! My Granny Is Really Showing Off Some Nice Camel Toe Tonight!"

"I would not get up in that camel toe."
by jakeback2003 January 09, 2008
her vagina is eating her pants!
check out that camel toe... buddy sure is hungry
by bottlerocket December 15, 2005
Camel toes are most often caused by tight restrictive clothing ie: spandex, lycra, ect...
When jacked up to the breast area it causes the "camel toe" effect, also known as the moose knuckle.
"Damn if she'd feed that thing a pair of jeans in the morning it wouldn't munch on her like that!" She got a nasty camel toe!!
by j June 12, 2004
A naked or tightly clothed female reproductive organ, wherein, the inner labia (labia minora) remain inwards or, at least, do not fall below the outer labia (labia majora). The opposite of moose knuckle.
She can't be a slut, look at that camel toe!
by Insectdiet May 18, 2004
When they are smiling from top and bottom!!
Camel Toes can even talk your way out of a ticket!!
by Bridget September 18, 2003