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When a chick crams herself into a pair of jeans and the crotch area has to displace the fat of her mound and the front of her pussy ends up looking like the actual toe of a camel.
My four year old turned around really fast and ran into this chick's camel toe, when he turned back around he had a hoof print on his forehead
by youpeoplearefuckingstupid June 13, 2004
You just use it cause it's a term that you grew up in the neighborhood saying. It's like being from Pennsylvania and saying "youse" instead of "you". Hella originated in the bay area like hella years ago. It was just something that grew on you and you still use it today cause you never grew out of it. Some guy from Vegas tried to tell me hella started in Vegas and I was like "Fuck that. Dude you gotta be fucking retarded, hell no."
You're hella dumb.
Bammer is hella nasty.
I'm hella tired tonight.
That shit was hella hard.
by youpeoplearefuckingstupid June 13, 2004
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