It looks like a bunch of mexicans crammed in a a big taco
Julio: Dammmm did you see Jaymer's camel toe last night?! that sh*t was runnin deep!

Monica: O yeah that shi*t was deep

Julio: It looked real tight and packed up in there, like a bunch of mexicans crammed into a van or somethin...

Monica: Yeah or like a big taco
#cameltoe #moose kuckle #moose nuckle #beef taco #crammed in a van
by JWILLIE408 May 28, 2009
when a girls pant/shorts are so tight it the out line off a camels toe it spilts between your pussy/vagina/or if you want to call it your pee pee lmao!! its just something that is not the best to turn guys on unless some of u guys are freaks like my cousin loves camel toe jkjkjk! hope she doesnt see this but acually camel toe are a pain in the ass i mean how embarissing is it to walk around in some tight ass pant/shorts lmao!!!

like when my friend was wearing some spandex shorts i was like damn girl u got a major spandex camel toe lol wtf lol i was like eww gross lol but dont lie i now all those girls ouut there have at least had a camel toe unless you were some saggy booty granny panties lmao!!!! and unless u a want a be girl with a penis ewww!!!
#camel #toe #eww #sticky #nasty
by brianna p lol cuz cali blake August 13, 2009
womans pussy lips so big they eat the seam of her pants.when the pants is pulled down to the knees and the pussy is still in them.
that girl's camel toe was so big it looked like two sides of beef hanging down
by randall March 21, 2003
a pussy, vagina, cunt etc. Something that people like martin have. it is used to insult faggs like hoolga or arthur.
(in the shower) MARTIN!!! Hide your fucking cameltoe!
#cunt #vagina #pussy #dick #tits #moose rider
by d agoats and fotz February 13, 2008
A camel no. 9 cigarette, cleverly marketed to females by using a classy black and hot pink box.
Girl1: hey, betch, wanna go smoke a cameltoe with me?
Girl2: absolutely! I could really use a cameltoe right now


Boy: wana go smoke a cig?
Girl: Only if its a cameltoe
Boy: What?
Girl: Deckbag.
#cigarette #camel #smoke #cig #cancer stick
by Em31 December 12, 2007
Found at the end of a camel's foot with others of its kind.
The term "camel toe" totally doesn't have other, dirty connotations.
#hump #mammal #desert #camel #i c wat u did thar
by a. c. amel November 21, 2009
A noun: When a woman's vagina is eating her pants.
Her pants are so tight, you can see her vagina eating them (camel toe)
#vagina #eating #wedgie #woman #pants
by skeepa2009 March 14, 2011
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