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A very aesthetically pleasing phenomenon, whereby a woman's venus mound is clearly discernable under the snug fabric of her lower garment. Typically, the fuller the labia, the more pleasing the effect. Tip: since sexual arousal causes increased blood flow to the genital region "toe" may be enhanced if she finds you desirable:)
mmmm...nice fold!
by Isabelle December 02, 2003
They're a pop rock band, influenced by punk, metal and rap.
They never claimed to be 'punk' so all you petty losers can stop your bitching.
Just because a band has an army of teeny fans doesn't detract from the fact that their music is actually...pretty damn good.
sum 41 are GREAT!
by Isabelle November 29, 2003
1. an expression displaying the slickness of a comment you just made

2. a word to use when u get shocked or suprised about a comment.
1. YOU: yea well....ur mom!
other guy: wtf dude
YOU: 0o0o0o snap!

2. LISA: im still a virgin
by Isabelle November 15, 2003
to be cool, pimpish and strong
-I would love to be like this guy

- no da he's Anthony Depatie from the depatie family
by isabelle March 10, 2005
highly influential grunge band. although cobain is practically worshipped by some he had his flaws (who doesn't though) great lyrics. grohl proved there is life after nirvana & good music that isn't grunge
"Bleeding orchids forgive no-one just yet. Cut myself on angel's hair and baby's breath" from Heart-shaped Box
by isabelle September 27, 2003
1. an expression of pain or agony.
2. a good word to yell out when something bad happens.
FUCKNESS! i stubbed my toe god damnitt!

O fuckness! we have another math test today!?!?
by Isabelle November 15, 2003
A kiss from your boyfriend or girlfriend.
Yay! I got a moonpie from my cuddlebear!
by Isabelle December 16, 2004

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