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the result when a female with oversized Mud Flaps wears pants/shorts that are too tight. (plural)
whoa! that girl's camel toe looks like a babies bottom!
by Rare_Herbz February 05, 2004
Correct spelling for the word chicano.
In the Nahautl language the sound 'ch' is spelled with an X.
Don't call me Hispanic, I am Xicano.
by Rare_Herbz February 05, 2004
An alternative way of spelling nude
That drunk girl is getting nood
by Rare_Herbz February 06, 2004
Person on recieving end of a rim job.
Opposite of salad tosser
by Rare_Herbz February 05, 2004
A song by D'Angelo
Also a movie starring Taye Diggs, Sanaa Lathan, Mos Def, and Queen Latifah
Brown Sugar babe, I gets high off your love I don't know how to behave
by Rare_Herbz February 05, 2004

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