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20 definitions by ziggy

a poon crease

damn bitch i can see that wet camel toe from a mile away
by ziggy September 25, 2003
Devil's Highway. 'Nuff said.
If you haven't gotten into an accident, or seen an accident on I-95, you're not human.
by ziggy April 06, 2005
3. The way to pronounce rofl (rolling on the floor laughing)
RAWFUL! That was a good joke!
by Ziggy March 26, 2005
Actually, the Yenko Trim was made by Don Yenko, a performance Dealer using the Camaro,Chevelle,or Nova base body, It basically had a High Output 427 BB engine putting out 450HP at the rear wheels stock, also it had the Yenko badges and SYC Logos on Upolstery and the Exterior. Prices for a yenko Camaro Yenko in 1969 were $3,000. Nowadays they are word more than $100,000. Despite the Heavy Weight Steel V8 and the Steel body, it is cappable of out accelerating the McClaren F1 GTR,Ferrari F50, Porsche 911 GT2, and Aston Martin v12 at the Strip with 0-60 in less than 3 sec and 0-100 in 4.9 sec and a 10 sec quarter mile time.
Get your own damn Yenko
Nice Yenko Nova, race against my Yenko camaro
by Ziggy June 28, 2004
n. A person who makes up words for the purpose of deception or personal gain, particularly in word games such as scrabble or G-H-O-S-T.

See Bullshitter
The rhetoriquist angered me when he insisted that "strategery" is a word.
by ziggy July 08, 2004
1.Hell yes
Yompii comes from the Ziggvenish word,"yomp",and is commonly used in the place of ones reply meaning yes.
Are you going to the show tonight?
by Ziggy April 05, 2004
a state of utter disarry; beyond repair; intoxicated on drugs and/or alcohol

orig. French
I drank a half a bottle of vodka and I'm totally schwacked!
The computer's hard drive crash and it's completely schwacked
by Ziggy August 17, 2003