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An extremely horny guy who loves to see girls in their underwear. He is extremely good at sports and is the biggest flirt ever, he WILL get you in your underwear. He has such a nice body and an amazing smile. He is OBSESSED with the red wings and thinks they are the best even though he's not from Michigan.
Guy: That guy is such a Cam, he gets all the girls.
Girl: Yeah, why cant you be more like him?
by kfromtheghetto April 18, 2011
59 33
Cunt Amongst Men. Commonly used in the gaming community towards someone who keeps killing/trolling you.
Can also be used in real life if you do not like someone.
I keep on getting killed by this CAM!
This guy I met last night was an absolute CAM.
by TheGAM October 06, 2012
28 20
Epic points.
lawl @ NO CAM 4 U

you get so many cams 4 stripping! cams 4ev!

by Maaaaaaaaa March 08, 2009
18 11
A cock blocking robot built in a top-secret Russian factory.
There were way too many Cams with this slam piece last night to work any game.
by brotisNixon June 27, 2010
43 38
Evolved acronym from H.A.M (Hard as a Motherfucker). It is when one goes as hard as Cam Newton.
Dude is going so C.A.M right now.
by FreshlyRyan December 04, 2011
7 3
Cum Allowing Mouth. (n) 1. a person who will allow a man to ejaculate into thier mouth for swallowing.
Dude, that bitch had a c.a.m. She wont be hungry for days.
by cam the ham March 22, 2007
7 3
A cam (or camming, deriving from camera) is a bootleg recording of a film. Unlike the more common DVD rip or screener recording methods which involve the duplication of officially distributed media, cam versions are original clandestine recordings made in movie theaters.
Don't download that torrent, it's just a crappy cam.
by GarrethAllyn July 16, 2011
10 7