A camshaft. Automobile enthusiasts who speak of "cams" are usually describing aftermarket camshafts designed to provide greater flow of air/fuel mixture, and therefore more torque and horsepower, than the stock camshafts that come with most vehicles.
When Aaron gets paid on Friday, he plans to go to the speed shop and buy a Shrick 256 cam.
by The Finer Definer June 02, 2003
short for cameron, usually a fag bag with no balls.
dude, you slept with a guy last night you such a "Cam"
by XxanarchyangelxX February 02, 2009
A clueless and anul boy. Devotes to a relationship too early and scares off any chance of a girl. Needs to get a life. Turns out he's the actual source of his own problems. Happy in the "special" way. Sweet but very creepy sometimes. Over thinks
Girl: Hey! I got an email from Cam!
Cam: HEY!! Where are my besties?
Girl: UUhhh..he said besties -.-
by nerdy27 April 23, 2010
The past tense of 'cum'.
"...and then I cam everywhere, it was horrible, the worst interview ever."
by mxcrd December 07, 2009
Verb : meaning to fuck
have sex with
Jamal : Dayum! She fine. You 2 cam yet?

Darius : You know it!!

Holy shit that girl is so hot. I would totally fucking cam.
by REAL ASS NiGGA 88 January 07, 2008
The act of masturbating on webcam while watching another person as he/she masturbates on webcam.
"I couldn't hook up last night so I cammed with this guy in Iowa."
by March 07, 2005
Crappy ass theatre movie. Usually people just get these to fill time so they can get a better copy.
Man this cam sucks dick.
by blackanon June 13, 2004

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