man whore, pervert, pimply bastard
OMG, that dork is such a cam
by fabalafae December 28, 2011
n. Crazy Asian Mother
1. Moms of Asian decent who beat their kids with a wooden spoon, back scratcher or any Asian device.
2. You know you have one if a. your house smells like Asian food. b. She yells at everything you do.
Dude did you hear that CAM go off?

My CAM beat me too!!!
by Justin Eleson May 08, 2008
to be enamored with, to like or enjoy
Bulls fans cam Micheal Jordan
by Cammy Granado March 26, 2008
cam is a name for a very hot, very talented girl who is loved by many. she is a vixen and very fun loving but NOT a slut. basically, a cam is a very amazing girl who loves steady, longterm relationships
everybody loves that girl, she is such a cam.
by pomtapper December 29, 2007
short for webcam.
Give me a second to start my cam.
by VioletSin June 30, 2003
Made up word by Tim and steve, means money
I got bare cam back from the taxman
by Saladboy1989 October 29, 2010
to accidentaly spill beer over somebody in a drunken state
''Everything was ok till she cam'd me! Now my pants are all wet!''
by Camcamcam January 09, 2008
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