When a man inserts his genitalia into a womans cunt, followed by her ass, and then finally into her mouth. leaving her with a shitty taste.
marry- ew! jared totally C.A.M'd me lastngiht when i was hammerd.
susy- gross did u brush your teeth?
marry- yes 56 times!

by Haley1234 February 12, 2008
A wonderful, very attractive man.
Larisa loves Cameron very much!!
by Larry May 11, 2003
1. (verb) To jump on the bandwagon of anything possible.

2. (verb) To leave a project incomplete, thus adding it to the Temple of Lost Projects.
Person A: "Darn, I never finished the movie I was working on."
Person B: "Wow, you really pulled a cam this time!"
by Bad News Gang September 18, 2013
Cam is one of the most beautiful green-eyed blonde haired girl you'll ever meet. Cam is usually good at, basketball, lacrosse, skiing, surfing. Amazing at singing, and drawing. usually attracted to guys with names that start with H, J, M with dark brown hair with blue or green eyes. Usually Cams are tall and skinny, but gets self-conscious quickly, if someone says something about her body in a mean way, but still loves herself. Cam is really loyal and trustworthy to her friends and can always keep a secret if you don't want people to know. Most Cam's are very funny, photogenic and usually becomes a model after 9 years old. Cam doesn't care if no one likes what she wears, she can wear what ever she wants and not care about what people say.
"hey who's that girl? she's like drop dead gorgeous!"

"dude, thats obviously a Cam!"

"How do you know?"

"Because she's skinny, tall, green-eyed, blonde hair."

"oh i see, she's obviously a Cam!"

"Yep i was right!"
by Babine November 13, 2012
In 1980's Novato, CA, guys at San Marin High drove "Maros" and guys at Novato High School drove "Cams".
by Jon64Bailey January 10, 2008
man whore, pervert, pimply bastard
OMG, that dork is such a cam
by fabalafae December 28, 2011
cam is a name for a very hot, very talented girl who is loved by many. she is a vixen and very fun loving but NOT a slut. basically, a cam is a very amazing girl who loves steady, longterm relationships
everybody loves that girl, she is such a cam.
by pomtapper December 29, 2007

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