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(An automobile) equipped with an aftermarket, performance-enhancing camshaft or "wordcamword".
Dave's car has picked up over thirty extra horsepower since he had it wordchippedword and cammed.
by The Finer Definer June 02, 2003
26 8
Cammed (v)- Similar to a duff, getting cammed involved a manipulative "relationship." Typically involves an attractive, art-oriented member of the opposite sex. This person will befriend in a seductive way, the victim. The victim will ultimately fall in love with the Cammer. The Cammer may choose to engage physically with the victim, however, they will never give the victim the security of a relationship. The Cammer will typically have a boy/girl -friend on the side and this will be the "facebook official" relationship. The "relationship" between the Cammer and the victim will typically be kept a secret, so as to add to the pain. In some cases, the Cammer will physically harm the victim, but this will typically happen once the victim is manipulated enough that they cannot leave the "relationship" regardless of physical harm. In most other cases, the Cammer will use the victim as their trashcan of terrible "art" or "poetry." They will also typically flaunt their knowledge of French and/or other romance languages.
Oh my goodness, I must have been Cammed or something! I'm stuck in a go-nowhere relationship with a narcissistic poet!
by CeKem December 17, 2010
6 1
'to Be Cammed' Is To Set Poo On Fire And Squeeze It Inside A Fanny, Opposite To Space Docking
'emily, last night desmond cammed me; he pushed a burning ball of poo inside me'
by shabumpkin-x1 March 25, 2010
1 7