A stupid fuckwit with a tiny dick and likes to touch himself during class
Wow look at that kid touching himself, he must be a Caleb.
by Captain badass October 27, 2014
Verb: To join ones social group without the group knowing him/her is there. Or to leave a group without the group knowing.
Wow, that guy just pulled a Caleb.
by Frontenac Secondary School June 07, 2011
A boy who really gets himself around town with the ladies. some of the stupid sluts fall for him, but the smarts stay clear. hes cute but deadly-like a little fart. and has a great smile with dimples to bad he isn't a player. and also don't trust him.. paper clips anyone? LOL CCCC
girl 1: "aaah there he goes, yet another girl!"
girl 2: "what a Caleb!"
girl 3: "LOL!"
by lol123abc! April 29, 2011
A term used in at least 2 T.V. series now that describes a person going home early or chickening out when the real party is getting started.
by CreepyCole May 01, 2011
to chop off your dick after sex because you feel unclean
Dude: I caleb-ed my dick last night
by wooooooooooooooodejszhlf January 10, 2013
a dirty white male with blonde hair typically has a small penis and is proud of it.
ew look at that honkie hes such a caleb
by ThinkBig789 January 09, 2012
Whoa! Did you see that caleb today??
by MORGSMIRSTEPH January 12, 2012

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