A huge pirate, he goes yarr harr in his upstairs basement and likes banshees and having his shoes untied.
Caleb, the pirate, sailed the sees with his capitive Tyler
by Anonymous1210004 May 17, 2013
Verb: To join ones social group without the group knowing him/her is there. Or to leave a group without the group knowing.
Wow, that guy just pulled a Caleb.
by Frontenac Secondary School June 07, 2011
A Caleb is a young adult. lacking father figure in his life for this he turns into a big mash of I don't give a flying fuck. Probably the most rasist guy you will meet considered a manwhore traveling from girl to girl and settling down with some short and buff
He's Caleb
by Johnnyfromthebronx December 18, 2014
someone who never does their work and always slacks off
look at that student being such a caleb
by superj28 October 26, 2007
A monkey in a space suit. Usually scrounging the galaxy for cheese and bananas. If you see a caleb it is highly recommended that you greet it from a distance before approaching. This is done in the following manner:
1-face the caleb
2-standing on your right foot, hold your left leg with your right hand.
3-with your left hand make a fist
4-put left fist into mouth (it is important that you shove the entire fist into your mouth, if any knuckle is showing the caleb will charge)
5-jump up and down on your right foot

If you do the above correctly, the caleb then bow and allow you to approach.
Look at that caleb swinging from the ceiling. How does a channel get defined as an M!pick channel... is there such a thing?
by Caleb Cittadino March 16, 2006
A term used in at least 2 T.V. series now that describes a person going home early or chickening out when the real party is getting started.
by CreepyCole May 01, 2011
A boy who really gets himself around town with the ladies. some of the stupid sluts fall for him, but the smarts stay clear. hes cute but deadly-like a little fart. and has a great smile with dimples to bad he isn't a player. and also don't trust him.. paper clips anyone? LOL CCCC
girl 1: "aaah there he goes, yet another girl!"
girl 2: "what a Caleb!"
girl 3: "LOL!"
by lol123abc! April 29, 2011

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