A hottie but annoying spazz of a guy, but is very athletic and sporty. If you meet a caleb you would most likely fall head over heals. He is fun to hang out with and seems to pick up girls, but yet he is a jurk some times. And he has cute eyes!

solemate names are usually "Maddie", "Chloe", and "Lily"
by Vanessa N. January 21, 2011
if you meet a guy named caleb you are extremely lucky. He will always be there for you, and will always give you great advise. He is musically talented, but he doesnt show off. He makes an amazing friend or boyfriend. He is very adorable and has a great sense of humor, and has great musical taste.
wow look how devoted he is to her, he must be named caleb.
by C lover March 05, 2011
Not Fake.Hair is brown.Has braces.Is far from perfect.Has the most beautiful brown eyes you have ever seen.You could get lost in his eyes.Doesn't try to hide his flaws.Seems like the most open person you'll ever meet.He's not.Has his deep dark secrets that he tells to very few people.Has a hard time trusting and when you break his trust he won't forgive you.If you f with him you're gunna get it.Doesn't think he's loved.Is always looking for the person who won't leave him.Has a dark past that haunts him to this day.RARELY lets anyone in.His past stops him from loving and usually causes him heartache.Has problems with depression,everyone can tell.Wears long sleeves because he doesn't want you to see them.Is usually written off as annoying.Really cares for you if he is sweet.If Caleb is your friend, don't disappoint him, he is worth every moment.Has trouble dealing with all the shit people throw at him, but he tries not to let it get to him.Likes when people care about him and likes spending time with his friends,but doesn't want to get too close.Is deathly afraid of getting hurt again.Doesn't want you to get hurt either.If he lets you in,don't screw up like I did.Usually found listening to depressing music to drown out the faults in his life.He fakes his smile but you know he's dying inside and he won't let you help him.He's thought about doing the unthinkable,to take the pain of his life away,too many times to count.Wants Happiness.staystronglittlefighterthingswillgetbrighter
Caleb is the most amazing person you will be lucky enough to spend a moment of your life with.
Caleb has secrets.
Caleb's eyes are a fiery brown around the pupil and then they engulf you in their brunette flame as you make your way out of their grasp.
Caleb deserves to be happy.
by werhe_are_yuor_dmones? April 28, 2013
A guy that is really emotional, especially when it comes to love. He doesn't know what he wants and often lets that cloud his judgement. He tries to make sacrifices for the greater good, but only ends up hurting himself and others. He's afraid to be happy. He also tends to "hiberdate".
Her boyfriend was being a total Caleb and broke up with her because he doesn't want to miss her when he's in the army.
by babybird_123_321 December 05, 2010
A Caleb is generally someone very attractive and sexy. Almost everyone with the name Caleb has a large penis. They have an amazing personality, and tend to be funny. They are fun to talk to and can be fun to hangout with.
Caleb is so amazing!

Caleb's penis was so big!
by AppleEater129 July 05, 2014
that guy you know.....ya know.....does giant penis ring a bell?
girl one: i was with caleb last night

girl two: who?

girl one: you know.....that guy with the giant penis...

girl two: OH YEAH!!!!
by jeighjeigh December 02, 2013
Someone who is a sexy beast and lives in New Zealand. They are the sexiest beast ever and everyone knows it. He gets all the girls. He is the kindest person ever and is amazing and even you love him. <3
Hey? Where did all those chicks go?
Oh, the are all at Caleb's house.
by A_P_U_N_K November 17, 2011
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