Whoa! Did you see that caleb today??
by MORGSMIRSTEPH January 12, 2012
Looks as if he came straight out of an oompa loompian clan. All small and jizz. He is akward and HILARIOUS. Because of his ridiculous farmers tan, you can't tell if he is blonde or a red head. Caleb is also known as Macey's Best Friend!Hehe
Is that short Caleb person a oopma loompa?
by Hahahehehaha!! November 22, 2012
Short person that people call a chode behind his back.
Caleb Williams is a chode.
a tall skinny tree located in the Forbidden Forest. This tree sometimes comes alive and enters human form. The lank of its human form divulges its true identity.
Oh dear! I just spotted the caleb running from the forest! We must alert Harry Potter.
by Treeweird March 11, 2009
Well, he is a Weirdy!
Wow only A Caleb would do that!
by T. Arndt October 23, 2008
A guy who stinks like ass! also thinks he is cool and funny (when people are actually laughing at him, not with him!) he also is very clumsy and gumpy!

also see: Gump, AIDS, Nerd
A:" hey you wanna hear a joke?"
B:" sure"
A:" caleb is so gumpy, that he couldnt sneek up on hellen keller! and she's blind, deaf, and mute!"
B:" hahahaha!!!, yeah and she could probably smell him a mile away!!"
by Pandashout May 14, 2010
A girl that is pretty funny and unquie in her own way!She is also very artisic and is usually the A B student. She is usually a very shy girl

Person:omg ur so amzing
by Darkchibi101 November 02, 2008

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