The most straightforward and blunt person you will ever met. Once you get to know him you see that he is a good person after all.
Person 1: That Caleb was so mean to me!
Person 2: you just have to get to know him. He is a good person
by CytochromeC12345 January 08, 2015
He's cute awesome he is cool with girls and he'll be your hommie
I want to date Caleb
Caleb is so hot eeeeeek!
by Kinzey brown March 29, 2016
Kind sweet funny gentle caring cute nice generous
I acted like a Caleb to him but nothin
by lovercat January 03, 2016
An extreme feat of marksman ship, usually in the occurrence of a confirmed rifle kill of 1000+ yards away...with no scope/iron sights.
-"Oh my god, you just Caleb'd the FUCK out of that deer."

-"My god son, you are a true Caleb. Ever heard of 1st Recon?"
by Slawballer June 14, 2011
An amazing person with a ton of friends. He will spark your days and make everyone around him happy! He chooses who he will like though and if you get on a his bad side you stay there! Caleb's usually have blonde hair and intense blue eyes. If you have a Caleb as a boyfriend keep him! Caleb's are loyal and usually a one guy kinda girl! Although the girl he really wants he is to shy to talk to!
I wish I could date a Caleb!
by Jennyjackons June 28, 2015
Calebs are funny and usually like extreme sports. Skateboarding most of the time. Any free time they have is usually spent with video games, hanging with a friend down the street, or visiting or calling his girl. Calebs have a hardcore side and a sweet, sensitive, and sexy side. If you find a Caleb, set up a "competition." Play hard to get. it makes him like you even more. If you find a way to be on both of his sides, there will be a spark of hopew that you could be his guy! If you become really involved with both of his sides, youll start to see a future with him So if you get any kind of chance to be with a Caleb, stick to him. Hes the one!
Caleb: Hey! Whatcha doin tonight?
Girl: Goin out with some friends to laser tag why are you asking?
Caleb: Oh! My schedule just opened up! Do you mind?
Girl: Um, yes! I think it wont be safe for you to be there because there is gonna fierce battling.
Caleb: Nevermind. Wait! Are you open Saturday night?
Girl: Nope I have date for Saturday.
Caleb: Ooooohhh. RAWR!
by screwyoubellaedwardismine August 13, 2011
The kind of guy that will rip your small intestine out with his mighty cock and keep it as his fleshlight if you get near his food, he has a James Earl Jones appearance and is the master of slaying pussy with his massive dragon like cock. He can last longer in bed than Hellen Keller could make it through a corn maze and he can basically get away with anything because people always think he is James Earl Jones. You wan't him on your side or you face the possibility of him breaking your jaw from slapping your face with his monstrous dong.
Person1:"woah, is that james earl Jones?"
Person2:"nah that's caleb."
Person3:"you guys talking about caleb?"
Person3:"have you seen his cock i didn't even know a cock could be that big."
Person2:"I know that thing should be hanging from a deli."
by Simon_the_Hyman_destroyer July 09, 2016
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