if you meet a guy named caleb you are extremely lucky. He will always be there for you, and will always give you great advise. He is musically talented, but he doesnt show off. He makes an amazing friend or boyfriend. He is very adorable and has a great sense of humor, and has great musical taste.
wow look how devoted he is to her, he must be named caleb.
by C lover March 05, 2011
Calebs are funny and usually like extreme sports. Skateboarding most of the time. Any free time they have is usually spent with video games, hanging with a friend down the street, or visiting or calling his girl. Calebs have a hardcore side and a sweet, sensitive, and sexy side. If you find a Caleb, set up a "competition." Play hard to get. it makes him like you even more. If you find a way to be on both of his sides, there will be a spark of hopew that you could be his guy! If you become really involved with both of his sides, youll start to see a future with him So if you get any kind of chance to be with a Caleb, stick to him. Hes the one!
Caleb: Hey! Whatcha doin tonight?
Girl: Goin out with some friends to laser tag why are you asking?
Caleb: Oh! My schedule just opened up! Do you mind?
Girl: Um, yes! I think it wont be safe for you to be there because there is gonna fierce battling.
Caleb: Nevermind. Wait! Are you open Saturday night?
Girl: Nope I have date for Saturday.
Caleb: Ooooohhh. RAWR!
by screwyoubellaedwardismine August 13, 2011
Usually a douche bag.
He is so Caleb today!!
by lalaloopsyaf November 13, 2014
A huge pirate, he goes yarr harr in his upstairs basement and likes banshees and having his shoes untied.
Caleb, the pirate, sailed the sees with his capitive Tyler
by Anonymous1210004 May 17, 2013
A stupid fuckwit with a tiny dick and likes to touch himself during class
Wow look at that kid touching himself, he must be a Caleb.
by Captain badass October 27, 2014
someone who never does their work and always slacks off
look at that student being such a caleb
by superj28 October 26, 2007
A boy who really gets himself around town with the ladies. some of the stupid sluts fall for him, but the smarts stay clear. hes cute but deadly-like a little fart. and has a great smile with dimples to bad he isn't a player. and also don't trust him.. paper clips anyone? LOL CCCC
girl 1: "aaah there he goes, yet another girl!"
girl 2: "what a Caleb!"
girl 3: "LOL!"
by lol123abc! April 29, 2011

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