Caleb - 
A guy who has brown hair & brown eyes . A guy who's smile is so amazing , your heart melts everytime you see it . Usually the skater type , comes off as a player but actually isn't . Sweet and caring , makes you smile when you're down . The guy that everyone knows & likes . An George - washington- honest guy . 
Likes to throw paper balls at his partner during language arts. Hair usually bounces when he runs . 
An overall amazing guy .
*caleb chucks a paper ball at his neighbor *
girl starts to laugh uncontrollably .
by J<3(: June 16, 2011
Brown hair, green eyes, adorable, loud, obnoxious, never knows when to shut up, shouldn't have free access to staples, can play the piano, super-duper smart, hi-larious!!!
why do you have to be such a caleb?!
by catie-cat January 17, 2011
A boy that is the sweetest guy in the world and is very smart, but he is very shy. He doesn't express his feelings to many people, just his closest friends. He is also loved by everyone including girls. He will always put a smile on your face and brighten your day. He is also very handsome and tall, and has amazing blue eyes. Everyone wants to be his friend and girls always want to be with him.
person 1: Did you hear Caleb got 100% on the math and science test?
person 2: Ya! that's one of the many things I love about him!
by JBiebsLover August 29, 2011
an amazingly sweet person who hides his kindness in front of others. he is super cute and has a big heart to any one willing to give him a chance!
OMG i had a date with caleb last night; So amazing!
by OMG 101 December 23, 2011
Caleb's are usually tall. They may seem quiet but around friends they are loud. They have a cute laugh. Everybody likes Caleb, but his heart is set on one special girl. Caleb probably doesn't know the girl very well. Caleb's usually have nice ab's and tan nicely in the summer. Caleb is a nice guy to be around. He will do anything to impress his girl. He has the sweetest smile, and dazzling eyes.
Popular Girl: Aw he's so cute

Popular Girl 2: I know.

Girl: Yeah but he's a Caleb, He probably won't go for you guys.
by xo maybe so? November 21, 2012
a man who can kick the fuck out of people and has a gigantic cock that is one of the cool kids
people say woow i wish i could be like caleb
by jewbag101 March 14, 2012
A hottie but annoying spazz of a guy, but is very athletic and sporty. If you meet a caleb you would most likely fall head over heals. He is fun to hang out with and seems to pick up girls, but yet he is a jurk some times. And he has cute eyes!

solemate names are usually "Maddie", "Chloe", and "Lily"
by Vanessa N. January 21, 2011

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