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Caleb- The best guy in the world. The kinda guy where it's love at first site . Although, Calebs are shy and may not make it obvious about their feelings , they are the kind of guy you can trust with your heart. Caring, yet settles for less than what he should because he isn't confident in himself
awee, he's such a Caleb
by LiveLoveLife <3 August 23, 2011
411 190
A cute guy with brown hair and brown eyes , and usually has a good tan . Everyone likes him and everyone knows who he is . He's the one person who seems like a person who doesn't care but really he does care and is really sweet . May be annoying at times but thats what makes you like him ! Hes an amazing person and if you ever meet a Caleb , then go be friends with him!
Girl 1 :Whoa , who's that hot dude?
Girl 2: That's caleb
Caleb: Hey ;)
by j<3c June 16, 2011
417 195
Is Hebrew for dog.

Just so happens that Caleb is also in the bible "God's Caleb"
Thats a big Caleb!

Look, it's God's dog!,
by caleb M. B December 11, 2007
701 484
if you meet a guy named caleb you are extremely lucky. He will always be there for you, and will always give you great advise. He is musically talented, but he doesnt show off. He makes an amazing friend or boyfriend. He is very adorable and has a great sense of humor, and has great musical taste.
wow look how devoted he is to her, he must be named caleb.
by C lover March 05, 2011
165 86
Caleb is a really funny man. He an be annoying to some people, but if he likes you then he'll be super-nice. He is the best person in the world and I would just like to say, Caleb, will you go out with me?
Caleb, you are the best person in the world.
by Lily Rocshae April 12, 2011
146 79
so fuckin sexy. it is hard to even think about his sexy sexiness. even gay guys think about calebs. oh god he is sooooooooooo hot. if you ever meet a caleb, fuck him till the world ends. and then wait for the world to begin again. and then fuck him till the world ends. again. and so on and so forth, or should i say back and forth.
guy: "hey my name is caleb"
girl: "OH BABYYYY"
by toocoolforpronounciation May 11, 2011
124 62
The most amazing, cute, funny, gorgeous guy you'll ever meet. He has the most amazing brown eyes and the cutest brown hair. He has the sexiest body ever, and he smells the best. Calebs are usually sweet, caring, kind, funny, smart, silly and amazing to be around.
Girl 1: That guy is so hot!
Girl 2: Yeah, that's Caleb, he's also really nice and sweet. :]
by Captcupcake March 30, 2011
119 65