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a blunt of marijuana and a line of coke, both rolled together for the ultimate high...
lets go smoke a cabby...
by lalisha March 21, 2006
primo is a joint with a sprinkle of coke. cabby is a joint sprinkled with crack
Pass me that cabby so I can get high
by Sernaton November 15, 2007
A nickname given to the first generation rabbit convertible (available in USA from 1980 to 1993).
Did you hear that triple white cabby scrub on the speed bump?
by vwgirl87 February 24, 2011
plane and simple...marijuana
(from colt 45 by Afroman)

"colt 45 and two zig zags
baby thats all we need
we can go to the park, pat The dog
smoke that tumble weed
and as the marijuana burns we can take our turn
Singing them dirty rap songs
stop and hit the bong like cheech and chong
Sell takes from here to hong kong
So roll roll roll my joint pick out the seeds and stems
feeling high as hell
Flyin through palm dale
skating on pegged wheels
Soo roll roll my 83 cadillac coup deville
if my tapes and cds just don’t sell
I bet my cabby will"
-----------^----- there it is
by Harvy October 09, 2005
A cab of a truck that bounces when the car is just idling.
Hey?!? Nate- you look sick- whats wrong?
I road in my uncles cabby and i almost threw up.
by downtownjelly October 13, 2006
A girl who whores herself out using dancing and costumes to make her looser lifestlye look acceptable. Typically targets taken men.
"See that girl over there? She is a total cabby, keep your boyfriend far from her."
by Cabby April 22, 2008
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