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A person with a ton of shoes.
Hey, where did you guys come from?
Footlocker, Kate is such a shoe whore.
by downtownjelly October 10, 2006
When somebody wakes up in the morning before their alarm goes off and sits and waits until it goes off so they can press snooze
My sister touches snooze the second the alarm goes off and therefore is a Snooze Watch (er).
by downtownjelly April 28, 2007
A person that for instance goes slow at first then speeds up and wins a race.
Nathan and Nate started a race. Nate got ahead and Nathan screamed "Speed Whore!!!"
by downtownjelly October 09, 2006
A cab of a truck that bounces when the car is just idling.
Hey?!? Nate- you look sick- whats wrong?
I road in my uncles cabby and i almost threw up.
by downtownjelly October 13, 2006

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