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a gay thing that crips or wannabe crips do when shortening b-day. ooo crip day!!
happy c-day michelle hong
by Brittany Sanchez December 21, 2004
271 199
Snoop Doggs birthday, the c coming from his real name Calvin Broadus.
Happy C-day Snoop!
by fuckkedthissshittupp November 16, 2011
44 65
An alternative to a birthday for a person who was not "born" but brought into the world via cesarean section. Thus because this person was not born, they cannot have a b-day or birthday, and they must have a c-day or cesareanday.
Trevor: Happy b-day Derek!
Derek: I think you mean c-day, you see I was not "born", it was more like... have you seen the movie Alien?
by Hansel, Gretel and Darth Vader April 03, 2011
79 102
Short for Christmas day.Used when texting or talking to people online.
How was your C-day?
Brah!I got a bunch of presents including a phone.
by Mrz.Cullen January 05, 2009
32 126