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somone that is brave, trustful, no fear, very loyal and would never backstab. Either you are smart or very skilled in fighting.
hongs do not have fear
by Joe Kim May 28, 2004
to own, owned, ownage

You just got honged. I just honged you. He got honged. She got honged.
by i'm honging you December 03, 2007
Hong's are very beautiful, intelligent, cute, and love to eat. they are very unique and hard to find in life. They have a smile that could light up your world. they are really honest with you so dont get hurt. They have one of the most beautiful laughs you could ever expect, one you could listen to day after day without it getting annoying. Hong's are hard to aprouch cause they are the spliting image of the word beautiful.
Hong- people like you just make my day 100x better
by BBBIGBOND March 14, 2013
A hong is a friend that provides wingman services and other bro like technicalities. Hongs are the best kind of pals to each other.
Hong 1: Yo hong
Hong 2: Yo hong
Hong 1: Long period of time. Me no see hong in that long period of time.
Hong 2: Hong, I know. Same.
Hong 1: Can I come over hong?
Hong 2: Hong, get your ding dong over here!
by The real hong September 10, 2015
to have sexual relations, ranging from simple fondling to full on intercourse with a woman, while she is puking from drinking exorbitant amounts of alcohol.
1) Dude, last night a woman get honged behind a dumpster!
2) Man, Pat honged a bitch last night!
by mr.yamamoto July 28, 2010
An extreme and devastating hunger which defies reason and logic. Will often lead to restlessness, anger and the unstoppable devouring of any foodstuffs available (with the exception of hot dogs, cole slaw, certain types of beans, etc.) Victims of extreme hongies include myself. May lead to extreme beverly consumption.
Piss my goat shit, I am super hongs right now. That goatmeal just did not cut it. I mean, real hongs, real hongs, Hongies Jackson.
by Nathan Urcheck III August 04, 2010
(verb, adj.)

Verb: The act of stealing one's fruit, vegetables, or other plant life.

Adj: Performing badly at a given action.
"I was growing some carrots and I got HONGED!"
"That guy is totally HONGING it!" (When describing someone eating a cake)
by Novalidname July 10, 2008
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