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1. used to describe any male who is not man enough to get pussy from his extremely hot girlfriend..this male would rather just play madden and try to act cool insted of fucking

2. used to describe any male that is a whiney little bitch and needs his ass wooped
"dude you didnt hit it?? hahaha ok bz!"

"you wanna run your mouth a lil more bz? ill kick your ass!"
by alyssa r January 23, 2007
Brazil, Indiana. Yea it blows, but we have nothing to do but smoke, drink, and have sex. Aka - Brazzle Dazzle
I'm from the BZ but i don't live in the BZ anymore!! Sick of this shit. (YOUR MY BOY BLUE!!!!! -Old School)
by coby March 02, 2003
Stephanie Stoneasaurus, my bz
my stoner bz, your such a bz
by Angus T May 06, 2008
1. (n) that small indented area above the anus where toilet paper often becomes stuck after you wipe your ass.

2. (n) Any member of the family of Beese's, including Goldie (dec.) and Molly.
1. When you take a shower, make sure you clean your BZ.

2. You should see BZ's house at Christmas time; it looks like an airport.
by TheMayorAl August 30, 2004
The town of Brazil, IN. Filled to the max with dirty people we like to term "Brazilbillies." About 25% are clean and decent but to be over-ridden with filthy people is just terrible.
If you cruise into the BZ you are sure to see a Brazilbilly.
by Rick D. February 28, 2003
The small town of Brazil Indiana
Hey the BZ is gay dont ever go there
by 007 February 28, 2003
drug that makes LSD look like bunk weed
hey you little faggot you better shut the fuck up or i'll make you take BZ and youll be layin on the floor for 3 days trippin your guts out
by emu March 19, 2003