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1. An individual who munches on butts.
2. An annoying person who should eat some ass; dirty, stinky, hairy ass.
1. "Oh look! A wild buttmuncher!"
2. "You stupid little buttmucher!"
by Blah May 12, 2003
A term of endearment made by an extremely cute and sweet girl. It is generally used to tease your significant other and make them smile.
Ugh! Your such a butt muncher!
by ILA <3 November 20, 2010
person who you are mad at, and feel is dirty enough to munch butts, preferably stinky ones.
shut up you buttmunch
by weasel April 29, 2004
1. One who feeds on butt oks. The butt, a very specail part of the body, can smell differently at all times. a butt muncher may enjoy the rush of smell to his nose or maybe it just taste good. Also is being rumored to be a sport.

2. One who is a stupid butt hole or is an idiot. This is very commonly used. It is interchangable with butt hole.
1. Butt munching is my favorite sport.

2. You stupid butt muncher!
by tal April 27, 2004
someone who munches butts either for the pupose of sexual pleasure or for their own social/political advancement.
stop being so're such a butt-muncher!
by VICKI KARMA March 12, 2006
Somebody that annoys you so badly it's like their gnawing at your ass.
My math teacher is being the biggest buttmuncher today because he assigned, like, 50 pages of homework.
by Athena 777 December 28, 2005
one who eats ass on a regular basis
i got my butt munched by some random hoe last night
by tomass April 30, 2004
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