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Term for someone who sucks up to people in order to get what they want.
Have you seen Mark butt munching Phil to get his bonus?
by Freddy January 31, 2003
E Glove
getting face sat on ie. butt muncher
by rohlf96 October 26, 2012
A carniverous beast that feeds on the butt of another animal or person.
Your mother is a buttmuncher
by nooddood March 17, 2010
a person who wishes to munch upon butts.
that kid over there jordenn martins; is a buttmuncher.
by .katelyn January 02, 2010
1. Someone who munches butt.
2. An insult to usless people (see example).
"Papas, of Kalgoorlie, is a butt-muncher"
by knowitall March 07, 2007
one who stalks someone or follows them around 24/7 ; annoying person
he is such a buttmuncher
by jose4563 October 13, 2011
Someone who is acting like a jerk, dick, meanie, or asshole. But by calling them a buttmuncher you are saying it in a nicer way.
First Man: Will you buy me a soda, please?
Second Man: NO! Go buy it yourself!!
First Man: Fine you buttmuncher!
by White Beezy January 25, 2008