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What a butler does when he works.
"Now go off and buttle something."
by Sp(l)ork! July 14, 2004
The sweat that collects betwix the buttocks of any normal human, and can sometimes be infused with fecal matter, lint, and or pubic hairs. Some consider buttle on toast or frozen buttle to be a delicacy.
Steve: Hey man, I just ran four miles in preparation for the mini marathon.

Andrew: Dude thats tite. Lets get those shorts off and harvest some fresh buttle.

Steve: Oh for sure dude. My cheeks are greased with wet buttle!
by DEVONSHIRE20007 December 28, 2008
Miniature toy action figures that have been inserted into the rectum, and fingered out either alone, or with a partner.
I don't think I got all my buttles out last night.
by Matron Malace May 07, 2010
The act of ramming Mr. Winky into the anal cavity.
"So I asked my boo if she'd be down with buttles and she replied 'No, dear, it provides me with grief and irritation.'"
by Teejers November 26, 2005
a butthole or anus; the "backdoor"
"Ever bang a bitch in her buttle?"
by R&B December 30, 2005
anal leakage; a slight diarrhaea-like discharge from the anus usually discovered at a later time.
I thought I had to poo, but all had was farts and buttle.

Those Olean potato chips are tasty, but they gave me nasty buttle
by stevehaske December 23, 2007
Derogatory name for an idiot.
Steve was being a real Buttle.
by skip December 25, 2004

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