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Pooping yourself in the Caf
Did you hear about Andrew? He pulled a boyer!
by pullaboyer January 15, 2011
98 32
The perfect man, husband, or sweetheart. Literally flawless.
Haha, look at fuckin' Boyer, he's a perfect little boy.
by jake09k December 21, 2005
116 62
The most manliest gorgeous man in town. He always has a smile on his face and take frequent trips to silly land only with the presence of someone special.
"That babe is such a boyer.."
by *Lumbergh February 21, 2007
47 24
A fountain of knowledge, seated in the deepest depths of Dorset, often heard of but rarely seen or contacted. Is often forgotten about for many years. Monies are rarely thrown into this fountain and pictures not to be found.
where IS boyer??

I don't know maybe boyer will
by banoonoo November 29, 2005
67 46
when someone superglues their ass to your face
that fat guy just gave that dude a BOyer

i sure hope he doesnt poop!
by poonchasers June 17, 2008
39 39
Someone who is excessively obsessed with boys.
kim & maria are extreme boyers.
by MariaIsabelll. November 05, 2007
17 46
(cough cough) da woman or da shit.. hell i think it means hotter than hott...
the ladies of the Boyer family tree of course!
by Kelsey January 17, 2005
23 59