A sex toy specifically designed to expand the anal canal for ease of anal penetration.
Nic removed the butt plug and all of the semen came pouring out.
by BP Cubed March 26, 2009
an apparatus used during masturbation to lengthen the orgasm
butt plugs make masturbation even more worth it
by skittle5 October 20, 2004
noun, an anal dilator

This is a dowel inserted in the anus in order to dilate it so it becomes more adequate for anal intercourse. According to some sources, it was very common in the 18th century.

See also: arseplug, assplug
He pushed on the buttplug, making her grunt.
Pushing her legs up in the air, he grabbed the buttplug and twisted it out of her bum.
by Tiago Zuhr July 22, 2008
an ass dildo used to simulate butt fucking; you can use this to simulate being on the "bitch end" of a booty juke
Damn, man! I misplaced my butt plug!
by Nasty Nate June 20, 2003
A sex toy which is inserted into a persons rectum to dilate the anus.
Bob: Hey Hesam! Want to hang out today?

Hesam: No, I can't. I'm too busy having fun with my buttplugs
by HesamisBrown July 06, 2010
slang for 'lawyer' or 'advocate'
"I'm off to get a 400 dollar buttplug for my case."
by Drum May 31, 2007
An anal dildo
I masterbate inserting a butt plug into my rectum.
by Masked Pillager December 10, 2002
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