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A womans so breasts are so saggy when she walks she hits them with her knees
i saw a brode walking across the lawn i thought she was a soccer mom player she was kicking her tits around.
by Chavela September 21, 2006
A fat person that has develope back rolls on there back.
"man when i put my bra on. my backfat started hanging from my straps"
by Chavela September 21, 2006
When you have a bloodclot hanging from your tampon string.
"Man when i wiped i pulled the clot from my Tetherball"
by Chavela September 18, 2006
When a baby is ignored as a child and left on his stomach for such a long time and developed a pan face
"Man, my coworker looks like he was ignored.he has a pan face when he turns to left. he is one with the wall.
by Chavela September 18, 2006
when you take to many pills and shit a brick. feels like giving birth through your anus
"i was so constipated that i had to shove my finger to break the butt plug"
by Chavela September 21, 2006

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