Something You stick in your ass to stop the shit from shooting out from a mind blowing organismic sensation. This is normally used in lue of anal beads.
Matt: Dude!!!! My bitch Bought butt plugs last night and she tried to use em on me. I told her im not into anal pleasures.(see anal pleasures)
Chris: Dude! Thats fucked up. My mom uses em and i can hear the shit getting stopped on the butt plugs that's how loud it is.
Matt: I know Bra.
by The Home Boys December 15, 2010
An apperatus that can be inserted into the anal area used to heighten sexual pleasure.
Anal Beads are one example, some butt plugs can even be found with animal tails on! Very commonly used in the celebrity world for example sophie jolliffe the infamous french bulesque dancer is know to have used them with her current partner James d'eumontford.
by bettycg March 17, 2011
to plug up the anal cavity

My Grandmother uses a buttplug at night because she says "Gramps isn't cutting it."
by Brandon Spankins June 25, 2006
Under U.S.C. 6969 subsection D, a Butt Plug is a tool used by obese women to prevent them from releasing their inherently toxic flatulence (farts) in public. People such as Gail Chord Schuler have claimed that the Butt Plugs have been causing these women to burst due to their farts being trapped in their rectal cavities, but this is absolute nonsense. studies performed by Dr. Allan Lieberman have confirmed that there is no bursting of obese women using the Butt Plugs, with the lone exception of a Texas women whose stomach burst as she attempted to break a world record in doughnut eating.
Thank god Lisa was given her Butt Plug today. It's a shame about her first grade class though, they will be missed.
by Kathy Griffin's balls February 06, 2015
A Plug You Put In Your Partners Butt During Sex
"Wanna Have A Buttplug During Sex Today"
by The Jman January 19, 2015
A plug for your butt so u dont fart
I need to fart!!!!!

use a buttplug!

ow it shot out my butt!
by The Fart Machine October 09, 2013
A term used for the driver who is stopped at a red light in the right hand lane, but is not taking the unprotected right turn. In turn, the driver prevents other people from taking the right turn. Since this person is stopping the "shit" from flowing, he is a buttplug.
Jack was only late to work because of the buttplug not turning in front of him.
by Vivemis March 10, 2009
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