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In poker, term to describe the condition of being broke.
I heard El Diablo went BUSTO playing 400/800 triple draw.
by mason sklansky July 05, 2006
a gurl who runs trains, a nasty ho
git da fuck outta ma face u nasty ass BUSTO!
by manda March 31, 2004
A straight up gang bang.

Usually follows the word "ran".
Brandon: I ran bustos on that bitch!

John: What the hell does that mean?

Brandon: I had that bitch on LOCKdown!

John: Oooooooh! SIDE!
by Fitz is Gay January 04, 2007
To run a train on someone{sexually}.
"I went to this chicks house and me, and a woman with a penis, and a midget,and a donkey ran busto's on her."
by porno November 16, 2003
Hoe, Slut, Skank, a term for a female that's promiscuous
You a busto
Did you hear about that busto
I Fucked that busto
That busto gave good ass head
by Michael Hawkins April 08, 2005
a girl who takes part in sexual acts with several different men at once, also the act of having said group sex, ie, gang bang or train.
My homies and I ran a busto on that girl yesterday.
by Billy Arnezz April 12, 2007
a hoe, someone who sleeps around
That busto slpet with all the niggas on my street
by shanell November 18, 2003