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a girl or boy who sleeps with numerous people and loves giving oral sex for nothing in return
Nichole is a busdown she sucked his dick when she first met him
#whore #prostitute #tramp #slut #bobblehead
by Titi May 09, 2006

(n) a male or female who performs oral sex (gives head)on(to)just about anyone.

(v) give head
<person one> Damn,Damien a busdown.
<person two> Hell yeah, he den bussed down every female in Washington Heights.
by kawaiidesune November 26, 2004
a hoe ass bitch who fucks everyone for the hell of it.
yo did you hear 'bout that bus down, over south she fucked the whole hood last year
by lild-bo'skey April 16, 2005
A Hoe/Prostitute, etc.
Lyrics from 2 Songs

Diplomats-Dipset Anthem
"..I'm on the westside of Chicago, lookin' for a bust down,And make me put my two arms up, Touchdown!.."

Twista-So Sexy
"...My Cali girl make it bounce like a six-fo'
My Chi girl bust down, make it straight buck.."
by Sean R. September 13, 2004
A female who fucks all type of niggas for the hell of it.
Ole gurl in da blue is a straight up bus down, i heard she fucked ray ray, john, kevin, shon, marvin and possibly, and da fine ass niggas up in dis joint.
by bigobadunkadunk April 13, 2004
a half of an already smoked cigarette.
Yo, can u giv me a bus down?
by Alz February 26, 2005
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