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An ugly unnatractive male.

Also can refer to face, body , clothes..Overall Apearance.
Damn that ni*** busted.
His shoes busted/ clothes etc..
Bad, Ugly , No good.
by Boo February 19, 2005
a hideous person
that bitch right there is busted!
by iceicebabyyy July 10, 2008
An AMAZING band that don't deserve any of the criticism these small-minded idiots are dishing out. Can't really believe anyone could hate them... maybe they're not the most lyrically deep band but just accept them for what they were and remain to be ... beautiful people that made many childhoods beyond great!

James Bourne,Matt Willis and Charlie Simpson...British pop at its best.
Busted? They were amazing.
"When day turns into night"..."air hostess"... "psycho girl"
by c12345678 March 02, 2012
(adj.) weird-looking, ugly, not attractive
Her face was definitely busted.
by Rolls December 12, 2004
in saying that you are very drunk or doped up on drugs.
Dude, look at your pupils, you're so busted.
by Sharmoota June 26, 2005
really ugly woman. more ugly than most of the shit you've ever seen...
Guy #1: Dang, that girl is busted..
Guy #2: What do you mean she's 'busted'?
Guy #1: You know, like a busted toy -- one that nobody wants to play with..
by Bonifacio January 25, 2006
stoned out of your mind
I was so fuckin' busted last night!
by ?---? December 13, 2007