Simply put, busted is what you are when ur so fucked up on whatever it is ur doin that your 1) incoherent and 2) incapasitated.
1. (saying to your ugly friend) "yo, that chicks so busted theres no way she could turn down the dick!"

2. "fuck dude... hes busted> somebody help carry his sorry ass upstairs"
by Lil' Bobby November 17, 2005
1. The state of being broken, irreparable, or malfunctioning.

2. A negative quality associated with the nature of an item, system, or process.

3. The state of being undesirable or unattractive.
1. My car wouldn't start today, that shit is so busted.

2. The road signs to get back to the interstate in Miami are confusing as hell. That shit is so busted.

3. Phil: That girl looked good from the back but she was a total butterface.
Shek: Yeah she had a hot body but her face was busted.
by MrMagicShack March 23, 2009
Anybody or Anything that is extremely ugly. 1. Somewhere very boring. 2. Something very dumb.
1. UGH!! That dude was busted!
2. Dang that place was busted!
3. That test was busted dog.

by ☆MaJiK☆ May 07, 2008
something broken or useless
an ugly person
that girl's outfit is busted, along with her over-botoxed face.
by laurabriggs October 01, 2007
a term used to describe very unattractive MALES or FEMALES(yes girls use it too)
Ew, I would never hook up with him, he's so busted
by Kailey Miller June 10, 2006
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