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A great band made up of 3 guys just havin a good time. Charlie(Guitar), James(Guitar)n Matt(Bass) maybe they dont include the drummer in the band but they DO have a drummer- Dammon. They may like Rock bands but that doesnt mean they want 2 be 1 they Know they r a POP band and they are PROUD!
Busted= Been compared an ealy version of Blink 182 who slowly began 2 be more Rock so if Busted hadnt of Split maybe they would of as well.
by Busteds Biggest fan EVA! February 12, 2005
65 62
something broken or useless
an ugly person
that girl's outfit is busted, along with her over-botoxed face.
by laurabriggs October 01, 2007
9 7
Simply put, busted is what you are when ur so fucked up on whatever it is ur doin that your 1) incoherent and 2) incapasitated.
1. (saying to your ugly friend) "yo, that chicks so busted theres no way she could turn down the dick!"

2. "fuck dude... hes busted> somebody help carry his sorry ass upstairs"
by Lil' Bobby November 17, 2005
17 15
ugly, nasty, tore up
Look at that chick, she's busted
by Your Daddy November 26, 2003
8 7
1. The state of being broken, irreparable, or malfunctioning.

2. A negative quality associated with the nature of an item, system, or process.

3. The state of being undesirable or unattractive.
1. My car wouldn't start today, that shit is so busted.

2. The road signs to get back to the interstate in Miami are confusing as hell. That shit is so busted.

3. Phil: That girl looked good from the back but she was a total butterface.
Shek: Yeah she had a hot body but her face was busted.
by MrMagicShack March 23, 2009
6 6
big tits and ugly face
Damn homie that gurl be busted
by Anthony April 08, 2005
13 13
1. Broken, not functioning.
2. To be caught doing something, to get arrested.
3. Broke. having no money
4. ugly
My radio is busted. Don't steal that or you'll get busted.
by Dellsareslow May 04, 2012
0 1