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1. Messed up. Stupid. Lame. Ignorant. Is used to describe the actions of another individual or group of people as being negative or having a negative effect on others.
Jon takes the last cold Mountain Dew Revolution out of the fridge.

Ben:(goes to the fridge) I'm so thirsty. I think that I'll have the last of my Dew Revolution. (notices there is none) What happened to my Dew?

Jon: Sorry, dude. I took the last one.

Ben: That's busted.


Tony: When I got back in town last weekend from a long business trip, the first thing that I wanted to do was go home to see my wife. When I got there, she was in the process of hooking up with someone else.

Jeff: Man, that's pretty busted.

Tony: I know. I felt like I should be on Jerry Springer or something.
by jcsavestheday August 22, 2008
6 7
Anybody or Anything that is extremely ugly. 1. Somewhere very boring. 2. Something very dumb.
1. UGH!! That dude was busted!
2. Dang that place was busted!
3. That test was busted dog.

by ☆MaJiK☆ May 07, 2008
5 6
a term used to describe very unattractive MALES or FEMALES(yes girls use it too)
Ew, I would never hook up with him, he's so busted
by Kailey Miller June 10, 2006
8 9
A band that used to be one of the most popular bands in the U.K., but the most success they acheived in America was getting advertised at a chain pizzeria
British Girl in America: Where can I find Busted CDs
American Girl: At Sbarros
British Girl:What the f**k is Sbarros
by real_loser March 20, 2005
18 19
To be completely without currency, cash, dough, cheese ect
I'm busted, discussed and damn sure can't be trusted!!!

Q. Wanna go get some drinks?
A. I would, but I'm busted.
by Da_Ladd October 26, 2004
18 19
Adjective: Broken, nonfunctional

Colloquial term which can be used to describe things that are in pieces as busted dishes, but is more commonly used especially to describe mechanical devices that do no longer work.
I had to get my car towed 'cause it's busted.
by Ann Pearl Owen April 04, 2008
4 6
Being caught red-handed.
I got busted drinking a Jack Daniels/Diet Pepsi, by a co-worker, while watching the Super Bowl
by Saints February 23, 2005
7 9