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22 definitions by Rolls

to humiliate, to destroy
The F.G. schooled the Kill Squad.
by Rolls August 18, 2004
v. to slap someone in the face with a penis.
adj. crazy
1) I totally hodged her last nite.
2) That party was hodge.
by Rolls December 05, 2004
(adj.) weird-looking, ugly, not attractive
Her face was definitely busted.
by Rolls December 12, 2004
n. F.G term for the vagina.
She got pissed when he stuck his roagie in her cookie-jar.
by Rolls May 29, 2005
to have fast intercourse
You knew they were definitely bungee-jumping by the sounds coming from the garage.
by Rolls August 17, 2004
to give excess and sometimes too detailed information on a particular subject
He definitely dolanized when he told us about his bleeding asshole.
by Rolls August 17, 2004
(verb). to hook up with or bang an ugly person
He is the reigning champ at pig-pening, no doubt.
by Rolls December 12, 2004