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This is a term used to describe a lesbian or a person that eats lots of pussy. Also known as a muff diver or bush master.
Stacy is a total fucking bush hog. She buries her face in more womb than anyone I know.
by Hard Ass May 22, 2003
34 15
farm implament to chop up bushes
Sam , take the bush hog out and chop my bushes, you bush hogger,you
by skip March 31, 2003
37 18
A heavy duty pubic hair trimmer used exclusively by women.
Hey Jeffrey, I was taking a dump in your bathroom last night and I saw that your mom left her Bush Hog out.
by JW Gacy September 17, 2006
25 7
noun. A female or possibly a male in these days and times that has "skint" more roots than a bush hog tractor. This person could also be called simply a slut.
Well John, I have been in a slump with the ladies. Therefore, I was forced to call the ol' Bush Hog so I could get my root skint.
by jld2 February 25, 2009
14 5
A lesbian with more than one girlfriend.
Wow, lookee there. That lesbian is a bush hog.
by Rek2 August 12, 2008
3 3
Not just any lesbian, but a really fat one.
Jeezus, Earl, get a load of them two big ol' bush hogs!
by Da Goose June 13, 2008
3 3
another name for one or more lesbos...usualy in refrence to the nasty ones
OMG! Jordan, did you just see those damn bush hogs making out in the hall?! I think I'm gonna throw up now
by Miss.BadAss April 16, 2007
3 5