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Scotland's answer to Bosnia. Famed for producing psychotic loons and potatoes. Lots of them.
Believe me, you don't want to be walking the mean streets of busby at night. The crazies will get ya.
by Shinobi July 24, 2004
A very hairy pussy. Usually belonging to a woman with dark hair, who does not shave or prune her bush.
I didn't go muffdiving as she had a busby.
by C August 05, 2003
(n.) A large bear fur hat worn by 19th century Russians, now associated with the British Amry regiments on show at London.

(n.) A vagina resembling a busby.
It wasn't just an afro, it was a fucking busby!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 14, 2004
or (pulling a busby) A condition when a male is in a room with one or more females and cannot hear or notice any other males because he is to intent on scoreing with the ladies. -Usually the only time a male can hear you when he is "pulling a busby" is when a male tries to talk to one of the females resulting in a "shut the fuck up" remark.
Last night I was working on a slig and Jeff totaly came up to us and pulled a busby.
I had something important to ask Jeff but he was busy pulling a busby with an import.
by Rolla Dudes. October 24, 2005
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