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(Verb) Knowingly or recklessly obtaining or disclosing personal data or information without the consent of the data controller.
Blagging Example: A reporter for the Sunday Times posed as Gordon Brown on the telephone in an attempt to obtain his account details.
by kelemvor July 11, 2011
Blogging via social media for the sole intent of bragging
Take a pic of me sleeping in business class seat on this plane so I can post it to my (Social Media Account). I totes gonna be blagging 'bout dis!
by greyguy1 January 24, 2015
From the French Blaguer or Blague meaning to joke.
Person 1: My sister is Cassie.
Person 2: Really?!?!
Person 1: Nah, I'm just blagging.
by Lauren28 April 17, 2008
To brag about something and it is a lie
tom 'Yeh did i tell you my dad knows 50 cent'
fred 'stop blagging'
by kurt blythman March 06, 2007
To brag about yourself or something you did on your blog.
"Hey, did you read what happened to John the other day when he rescued that guy from the burning car?"

Yea... he was blagging about it"
by I'm the Greatest August 16, 2010
Wasting time on the internet, i.e. surfing, checking email, facebook, etc.
John didn't socialize with anybody because he was too busy blagging on web forums.
by Matthew Creveling May 13, 2008
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