Describes an instance in which a teenager has been, like, totally left behind.
Dude One: Hey, leave Nick alone, man. He just found out that he's failing all his classes, his girlfriend's been cheating on him, and all his friends just went on a road trip to Vegas without him! He's been totally bus left!
Dude Two: damn!
by Auduck October 14, 2005
Top Definition
To miss an opportunity by a wide margin. By failing to act/speak/do something promptly, the window of opportunity closed.
GM wants to get concessions from the UAW in order to avoid going bankrupt, but that bus left a long time ago.
by Jim K October 14, 2005
It is a direction, it Means to turn left
person 1: Where We Going man

person 2: bus left here
by Shawtzie October 14, 2005
Used in referring to loss of an alcohol or drug buzz/high. Meaning: the buzz is gone.
My bus left me high and dry, hand me another.
The bus just left the building.
My bus just crashed.
I just missed the bus.
by AngieC October 14, 2005
slang used by inner city teenagers to describe missing the bus
"I got bus left this morning"
by Jenn August 17, 2004
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