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1. Left helpless in a situation because you aren't given something you need or were promised (a ride, a delivery, sex, moral support, help in a fight, toilet paper....)

2. To be under the influence of marijuana, but not alcohol.
Well, everyone's downstairs drinking, but if you just wanna smoke you can go out on the porch. I think there's a couple guys who are high and dry out there.
by Paco March 18, 2005
1) A state in which one is left when a partner causes him/her to become sexually excited, but does not allow the person to reach orgasm.

2) What one is when he/she smokes a significant amount of marijuana but does not drink alcoholic beverages.
After Jenna stormed out of the apartment yelling and screaming, the sheepdog knew that Luke had been left high and dry again and he'd probably end up with a sore ass in the morning once again.

Cop: " were swerving all over the road. How much have you had to drink tonight?"
Pat: "Nothing, sir. It's just hard to hold the wheel while you're lighting your bowl. I don't drink. I'm high and dry."
Cop: "And you're about to be high and LOCKED THE FUCK UP! Let's go, buddy."
Brian: "Pat, you fucking idiot."
by Nick D August 13, 2004
When your mouth is dry when you are left "high" after smoking marijuana. Also known as cottonmouth.
"Hand me some water man"

"What, you "high and dry"
"Ya, I got cottonmouth like mutherfucker.
by high and dry October 29, 2010
When taking a Winnick the toilet paper runs out.
I was left High and Dry, now my underwear has racing stripes.
by chosney August 06, 2003
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