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To miss an opportunity by a wide margin. By failing to act/speak/do something promptly, the window of opportunity closed.
GM wants to get concessions from the UAW in order to avoid going bankrupt, but that bus left a long time ago.
by Jim K October 14, 2005
8 7
It is a direction, it Means to turn left
person 1: Where We Going man

person 2: bus left here
by Shawtzie October 14, 2005
2 9
Used in referring to loss of an alcohol or drug buzz/high. Meaning: the buzz is gone.
My bus left me high and dry, hand me another.
The bus just left the building.
My bus just crashed.
I just missed the bus.
by AngieC October 14, 2005
3 16
Describes an instance in which a teenager has been, like, totally left behind.
Dude One: Hey, leave Nick alone, man. He just found out that he's failing all his classes, his girlfriend's been cheating on him, and all his friends just went on a road trip to Vegas without him! He's been totally bus left!
Dude Two: damn!
by Auduck October 14, 2005
4 17
slang used by inner city teenagers to describe missing the bus
"I got bus left this morning"
by Jenn August 17, 2004
67 275