Top Definition
the act of smoking marijuana
yo man im bout to go burn one wanna hit this shit
by R()$$ August 01, 2005
The act of smoking or "toking" marijuana with somone else.
You doing anything today?

Nahh, burn one?

Sure man!
by bmoore93 June 04, 2009
To smoke a cigarette or other dried plant leaf.
Are you ready to burn one?
I need to burn one.
by Damn Yankee February 26, 2005
Usually A Stoner who plays medal of honor with fellow friends on the internet.
My name is BurnOne, and I am going to go "burn one".
by Grimes July 14, 2003
Some guy that smokes weed all day and plays medal of honor.
I am going to "burn one" and then play some mohaa.
by Grimes July 13, 2003
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