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v. to smoke, esp. marajuana

sometimes shortened, "tokin"
"charles, what are you plans for the summer?"

"lol... mad toking..."
by true that June 10, 2003
472 94
to win a competition, such as a very exciting chess match, or a more active sports competition
*after your team wins a soccer game* "Man, I just kinged you hella bad!"
by Alena March 02, 2005
1 6
Doing your theory of knowledge homework, possibly while blitzed out of your skull. Usually it's used as an excuse to sound hard.
Tyrone: yo chek out sizz's away msg
Tyrone: doo say he toking, but he don smoke shytt
Alfred: naw man he's just doing his homework
Tryone: that fgt trying to sound all hard
Alfred: foreal.
Sizzle: dude i'm so high
Tyrone: shut tha fuck up sizz
Alfred: go to hell sizz.
by H Fizzzz December 03, 2006
89 231