Top Definition
v. to smoke, esp. marajuana

sometimes shortened, "tokin"
"charles, what are you plans for the summer?"

"lol... mad toking..."
by true that June 10, 2003
to win a competition, such as a very exciting chess match, or a more active sports competition
*after your team wins a soccer game* "Man, I just kinged you hella bad!"
by Alena March 02, 2005
Doing your theory of knowledge homework, possibly while blitzed out of your skull. Usually it's used as an excuse to sound hard.
Tyrone: yo chek out sizz's away msg
Tyrone: doo say he toking, but he don smoke shytt
Alfred: naw man he's just doing his homework
Tryone: that fgt trying to sound all hard
Alfred: foreal.
Sizzle: dude i'm so high
Tyrone: shut tha fuck up sizz
Alfred: go to hell sizz.
by H Fizzzz December 03, 2006
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