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Refering to the suburbs.
"Man he lives out in the burbs, trying to act like he is from the city"
by DetroitSlang May 15, 2003
slang for "bubbler", as in a marijuana smoking device
"hey man, pass the burb"
#marijuana #bubbler #weed #bong #pipe
by saaare September 29, 2006
1. (noun)

A shorter way of saying "suburb".
Lately the word is I don't fuck with the burbs. - Obie Trice
by Bob August 08, 2004
a suburb(Usually plural)
The burbs offer more space for children to play than the city.
by Light Joker May 08, 2005
The vocal use of brb
Mike: Burb, gotta piss.
Hunt: Right on dude.
#brb #piss #burb #go away #mike hunt
by sturmgeistbitchingkill July 23, 2008
a colloquial shortening of suburb. usually plural. connotes a stereotypical, sometimes negative suburban lifestyle.
We just moved to the burbs last week, but I've already traded in my Volkswagen for a gas-guzzling SUV and gotten in a fight at my kid's soccer game.
#burbs #suburb #urban sprawl #suv #tract housing #gated community #soccer mom #affluent #conservative
by ultrarun December 24, 2011
Another way of saying Brb, The sound of "Brb"
Tiffany: Yea he's so gay.
Adjoa: I know, burbs I gotta pee.
#burbs #brb #burb #brbs #burby
by adjiboo May 01, 2010
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