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A surprise or planned fight, when either (a)one individual is attacked/beaten by a group of 2 or more individuals or (b) when a notiably larger group attacks/fights a smaller group of individuals. These fights can occur with or without any kind of valid reason to jump someone.

A onesided fight.

verb jumped
"Man lets jump this kid coming this way on his bike"

"Me and my cousin are going to jump this guy that stole our car"
by DetroitSlang May 14, 2003
Something that is weak, useless, not good quality. Similar to wack.
"Man that new video game is garbage, don't even waste your money on it"
by DetroitSlang May 14, 2003
Refering to the suburbs.
"Man he lives out in the burbs, trying to act like he is from the city"
by DetroitSlang May 15, 2003
To put a end to.
"You need to squash that beef between you and your dad if you expect to make progress"
by DetroitSlang May 15, 2003
I fairly mild insult, that can represent (a) anger over someones more than likely ignorant action
(b) similar to fool
"Man I told that joker, I was going to get off work at 5 o'clock"

"Look at that joker, he tryin to ride his motorcycle up that steep hill, watch him fall down"
by DetroitSlang May 15, 2003
(a) A sound device that outputs large amounts of bass.
(b) A bass heavy song.
"These new speakers that I got have some knock to them"

by DetroitSlang May 15, 2003
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