Another way of saying Brb, The sound of "Brb"
Tiffany: Yea he's so gay.
Adjoa: I know, burbs I gotta pee.
by adjiboo May 01, 2010
Weird animal like creatures. The male burb is fuzzy, and the female burb has big boobs. They are both really horny and like to "mate".
Look at those burbs over there, they are humping AGAIN!!!
by esl899 March 31, 2010
nickname for a Chevy Suburban. Especially classic (pre-70s) Suburbans.
Let's go take a ride in your sweet 52 Burb.
by Flip Dog Miller May 27, 2009
flatulence, burp and a fart, or just a burp.
"Person pardoned the burb and finished with what person was doing."
by noixz January 15, 2009
1. Literally meaning anything. Like the blank piece in scrable.
2. When eating a woman out (who has a hairy pussy)scraping your teeth through the hair roughly pulling a majority of it out.
1A. Yea that burb was burbing me you mother sucking burb burber. (or something eles annoying like that.)

2B. Yea I gave Mary that hairy bitch a burb job.
by Lilli Nelson and Allie Arkwright January 20, 2006
(v) Shorthand for "burble" which is a genre of farts. Usually this has a gooey sounds that resonates around the butt before being released into the air. It is similar the sound effect used in cartoons for when things are squished. Usually these are particularily stinky.
Clear out the room, he just burbed!
by Rhern March 04, 2005
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