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the butthole. Usually a dirty one, since most buttholes are.
I would like to plunder her sweet bunger.
by Deek & Bo April 01, 2004
A firecracker.
"I got some 203 bunger's. Let's fuck some shit up."
by Diego August 14, 2003
Someone who loves poking it up the bunghole.
When he was in prison, he was a bunger.
#bunger #bunghole #ass #anal #butt
by Jack Pinion February 17, 2009
Aussie slang for underwear
Getcha bungers off sweetpea
#undies #granny panties #thongs #scat clown #root
by White Womble June 15, 2010
To be fussy
I haven't got a girlfriend as I'm far too Bungers when it comes to women.
by dogscogs February 24, 2004
A butthole. (bunghole -> bunger)
Ate too many jalapenos at Taco Bell and now my bunger is chapped.
#anal #bunger #bunghole #reemed #anus #butt sex #butt #ass #neocon
by frick1 February 24, 2010
when someone has a limp pussyboner n it swells like a tomato
donnie has a fat bunger from a disease early in his life
by harbe wun dingle April 06, 2003
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