When someone or something goes against what you want to happen or achieve; so you make fun of them behind their back with a word they don't know >:3
Brandon: You hear about Debra giving Matt a BJ on the steps
Greg: I know She's super BUNS, dude
by MixMasterSexMachine97 February 21, 2012
A Jamaican/West Indian slang to express that someones partner is cheating on them.
1) Yo you know that Mark is getting bun from his girl.
Meaning : You know that Mark's girl is cheating on him.

2) John you are getting bun.
Meaning : John you are being cheated on.

3) Paul's girl is giving him bun with me.
Meaning : Paul's girlfriend is cheating on him with me.

(paul,john and mark are examples and not real people)
by junewalker July 14, 2011
a very good looking man with an even more good looking butt.very shy and doesnt talk to girls easily.wears REALLY tight pants.
Doenica:WOW!look at that guy!
Rachel:oh i think his name is Roberto!
Amanda:ya,he's in my math class....he's a total Buns!
by Maribitch Garbonior April 14, 2008
a short form of sayin "burn" when smoking weed.
guy: yo guy u wanna bun some?
by Leiva g November 05, 2007
1. Butt.
2. To be.

see: bes, dins, bins
"Did you see those buns? They were so taste."

"I buns a yayuhs. Po I buns a Zmiz."

by Zack Mooney January 04, 2006
1)A West Indian pronunciation of the word burn.
2)In Jamaican dialect, to give someone bun means to cheat on them.
3)see bun fi bun
1) The eediat man bun down him house!
2) I heard John Brown's wife giving hime bun!
by ole daag July 21, 2006

Butt Ugly Nigger

Unusually ugly african american
Feels like I'm in the dirty south with all these buns around.

Hey B.U.N.!

Look at all these buns at KFC
by Dan Bunsworth March 27, 2011

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